Features Of A Good Balance Bike


If you intend to purchase a balance bike for your kid, then you ought to know what matters when you go to the shop and the essential features. The right balance bike will allow your child to learn to ride a bike more quickly. These bikes will also instill some confidence in your child to steer. You should make sure that you buy the right bike for your kid.

Essential features of your kid’s first balance bike

Height of the seatheightofseatsgdhfgjklfdksjhgfdghjjkl

The general rule is to have the height of the seat should be between one and one and a half inches. You measure this by pinching a book in your kid’s legs then raise it to the crotch till it gets parallel. This way you will measure the height of the bike from ground level easily.

Size and type of the tires

Most tires usually between ten and twenty inches in size. It is advisable to stick to twelve inches if you are buying for the first time. This is especially for tires made of rubber or plastic. Pneumatic and foam are other popular types of tires. These tires are good for giving cushion and traction. These tires do not easily puncture though they may not be ideal or all terrain types.

Weight of the bike

The balance bike you buy should not be more than your kid’s weight. Fortunately, most bikes are lightweight thus good choices for your preschoolers and toddlers. It is preferred that you go with your child to the store to try out the bikes as this will help you choose.


Although a balance bike will not need brakes, it is a good to choose one with breaks. The brakes do not have to be designed to your child’s height. They allow the kid to slow down or stop without rubbing their shoe soles. This way they can easily prevent injuries hence it is a vital feature of a balance bike.

Turning limiters

These are also noturninglimiterssdgfhjkfldskjhdgfhhjmkjhgfdt a must just like breaks. Their function, however, is preventing the handles from turning backward.
This will ensure that the kid does not make sharp turns when riding. Sharp corners can be very dangerous as they may cause the bike lose control. They may not be crucial but are suitable for reducing the cutting bike’s cutting radius.

Balance bikes are a good way to teach you kid how to ride a bicycle. You should check out for these essential features before buying a balance bike. ensure you get the right size of bike for your kid.