Altered Motorized Skateboard Review



Are you a newbie and looking to get into skateboarding? It is interesting and has lots of benefits. However, beginners go through a difficult time mastering skateboarding and often get injured or give up in the process. So what if someone revealed to you a secret that will help you learn and enjoy skateboarding with a piece of mind? Well, that is what one innovative electric skateboard brand by the name Altered will assist you in.

Altered Review

Altered is a top notch wireless electric skateboarding brand that is dedicated to creating powerful, silent and upgradable products. Besides, their products are dependable, sturdy and rarely break down. In 1997 they developed their first wireless product, an Altered electric skateboard that is also a computer, and since then their brilliance has been unparalleled.


Currently, Altered boasts of two advanced and cheap top quality products:

Fantom 1.0

Fantom 1.0 is designed specifically for kids or riders that weigh 120 pounds or less. Some of its features are a small 100 w motor, a quiet belt system, big deck and strong brakes. Fantom 1.0 can easily reach speeds of up tp ten mph for 40 minutes and offers lots of riding pleasure. Moreover, it has patented T2 torsion tracks for vital transitions and better turning.

Pro-Line 600 V3

This board has continually received considerable attention and for the right reasons too. It is the latest version of Altered’s best selling board, and you can possess it for less than $ 500. Acceleration is what sets it apart from Fantom 1.0. It does 0-19 mph in just four seconds. Yes, you heard me right! With such speeds, it’s recommended that you always ride this board wearing protective gear or you risk getting serious injuries. The board is a bit large as it weighs 42 lbs and has a battery that can last for about ten miles. Its original battery pack accounts for most of its weight, however, if you are looking to reduce its weight and improve its range then you can opt for the lighter lithium battery pack that will increase the distance covered significantly and reduce its weight significantly. Despite its weight, this product has performed above and beyond its users’ expectations.

About Creators

Altered motorized skateboard is the brainchild of a crowd of friends who saw the potential of electric skateboarding back in 2006. They come from various backgrounds but share one thing in common, the passion for motorized skateboards. As technology has advanced within the last decade, they have six generations of breathtaking products under their belt that have stuck to the original Louie’s design. They firmly believe that they will continue to set the bar even higher for electric skateboard makers by releasing innovative products.

Verdict: Is Altered Worth Considering?

hdhdhd74Overall, we believe that this brand is unique and thus worth consideration by anyone looking to get the most out of their skateboarding experience. It for this particular reason that we highly recommend that you buy your electric skateboards from them today. Instead of trying out unfamiliar brands that don’t deliver quality motorized skateboards, how about you try Altered motorized skateboards and make your search a lot easier? Visit for more details.