Ring Metals


Some of the well-known popular ring metals are gold and silver. However, there are other choices from which you can choose to help create more distinct rings. These rings vary in price, hues, and strength.

Most popular ring metals

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One of the traditional ring colors is yellow gold which many people appreciate for its durability. Yellow gold is usually rust and corrosion resistant. The higher the content of gold the richer its yellow color. Pure gold is rare and tends to be too soft hence cannot be used as a ring.

Rose gold

These are made of gold but are pink-tint in nature. This special pink color is created by adding copper making a pinker hue. Due to its color, you can customize it easily to create a feminine and unique look.

White gold

It is similar to the previous ring types but has a white color which is achieved by adding some alloys to coat the ring. Rhodium is the most used alloy to give it its white color. Rhodium, however, is not that hard and usually wears away with time. White gold gives a look similar to that of platinum, and it is relatively cheap.


It has similar properties like platinum hence cannot easily tarnish. It is a more cost-effective option for ring metal. It can appear in shades of dark gray.


This is another ring metal with a black and a cool gray color which makes it a favorite ring type for men’s rings. It is weightless, corrosion-resistant as well as hypoallergenic. Open door people can use this type of metal ring. One disadvantage however of this metal that you cannot resize it.


Platinum has been used asplatinumringsdsfghjkjhfdcxscvbdnfmg an alternative metal for gold over the years, and this has made it very popular. Besides
this, it is appreciated by most people because it provides a significantly durable material. Platinum is however very costly. Most people also prefer it because of it almost ninety percent hypoallergenic and pure. This means that is rings made from platinum will not lose the metal even if scratched. Moreover, it is easy to clean platinum making it always look new. The satin sheet that it usually develops with time can be polished off or left in place, and it still looks great.

These are the most popular ring metal types from which you can choose when buying rings. Be careful to choose a ring depending on your taste as well as the amount you intend to spend on it.